I am not able to use the Morph feature

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  • Greg Killmaster

    I've read the manual over and over but I can't figure out how to assign a preset on the left and a preset on the right to morph between. Can you please tell me step by step how to do this? Maybe I'm not thinking about this the right way.

    Eventually, I'll need to recall this setup in my DAW (which is Bitwig at the moment).

    thank you!

    Greg K.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Think of it as a left and right setup. Whenever you make a change to a patch it will change the sides depending on where the morph slider currently is located. If the morph slider is in the middle, the change will affect both sides equally. If it is to the far left or right side, it will only affect that side. This is also true for loading presets as it is considered a patch change.

    To load different preset patches on each side: Drag it fully left, load a preset, drag it fully right, load a preset. Now it will morph between the two patch setups. (Please note that only patches are affected by the morph, not patterns.)

  • Greg Killmaster

    Thanks for the explanation. I think it might be buggy. It doesn't seem to remember what patch is loaded when I change one side or the other. I have to change both sides each time I change one of the patches. If I don't, the slider doesn't interpolate when I move it. Its lIke changing one side makes it also forget the other.

  • Greg Killmaster

    no reply? I guess that means its not buggy and works as you expect?

  • Magnus Lidström

    I am not sure. It works as expected for me at least. When you say "change one side", what does that mean exactly? Loading a "drum patch" from disk? Changing a knob? Do you by any chance have a screen recording utility? If so, perhaps you could record a video of your actions to demonstrate?

  • Greg Killmaster

    thank you! I'll try and figure out a way to screen record and send it to you...

  • Greg Killmaster

    Working with it a bit more I can see that it is clearly working now as you said. I isolated 2 patches in a directory that had the exact same pattern and can that the slider interpolates between the individual sound settings. I appreciate your patience and sorry to bother you over something that was my misunderstanding. I may have been using the current program slot number to set right and left patches instead of the folder preset loader or something stupid like that. Or maybe it was a incompatibility with my older version of Bitwig...

    For right now, all is good! Thank you!

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