Crapre Number Two

Magnus Lidström526 views4 posts
  • Magnus Lidström

    Reason users in search of mental ways to blow your audio fidelity into obliteration, look no further: C.R.A.P.Re Number Two is here!

    YouTube Video

    Just like the original version, Crapre No 2 was made in cooperation with Peff and Bitplant and is available for Propellerhead Reason only in Rack Extension format. Head over to the shop page to read more and download.

    / Magnus

  • Joey Luck

    This is an awesome device! Very happy to see you guys drop a number 2.
    It's a powerful and unique sound design tool.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Thanks Joey. Did you see this "endorsement"? I thought it was funny.

  • Joey Luck

    Haha. That's very cool!

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