Lets make some new presets for synplant and microtonic available on the site!!

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  • Users avatarfxbip

    I notice that for many years there has not been any new presets packages for microtonic or synplant on the site.I think its a shame.I know there is some free packs on the net but i dont understand why there is not more in here.Its the main site for the product,i think there should be more presets.
    So if any of you guys feel interested we should get some new presets together to put on the site.
    Even if like 5 users make only 10 presets each its still 50 new presets!
    Post your presets and im gonna put them in first post!
    Synplant Fxbip patches Vol. 1 Collapsing Nightmares v2 (57patches).rar(47.6kB, 652 downloads)
    Lucide presets.zip(41.3kB, 708 downloads)

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    I think it sounds like a great idea! I have plenty of unpublished patches, especially for Synplant. If we could get a few people here to upload their patches I'll try to match that with an equal amount of my own patches. Deal?

  • Users avatarnic

    symplant is really amazing and imo badly underrated!it generates beautiful and unique sounds so +100 for new fresh presets!
    ps.my new 5 tunes use a ton of synplant+echobode+microtonic & a touch of permut8 too...awesome!!!

  • Users avatarNathan Buchanan

    I've just bought into sonic charge so I will be up for placing new patches I cant believe I've only just discovered this place !!!! How come I've never heard of these fantastic plugins before???!!! Where have I been.??

  • Users avatarfxbip

    So how do we send the patches?
    i made a 31 patches volume today,it was the first time i got serious into sound designing with synplant and WOW it was so much fun! plan to do more in the future!

  • Users avatarfxbip

    Maybe you could make a new section on the site where anyone could upload patches for free download,like a drop box or something,with a section with some hand picked ones and favorites,best of etc.could be cool!
    Just a few ideas here.

  • Users avatarRandome

    I'm totally in, got plenty patches I spent hours making.

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Just wanted to point out that you can attach files to posts on the forum. Just drag a .zip or synplant patch into the edit field (or use the attach a file link).

    SC Sweeping Willow.synp(1.53kB, 335 downloads)

    They become links in markup inside the post, looking like this:
    [SC Sweeping Willow.synp](attachment:jr3esl)

    These attachment IDs (jr3esl) are unique to the file and the markup text can be copied between posts if needed. If someone wants to administrate a collection, just start a post (in the Synplant forum) and you can go back and edit your top post, adding new files when needed. (Use the quote button on a post to get a copy of it's markup.)

    2016-06-17 15h13_35.mp4
  • Users avatarfxbip

    Alright ,im gonna get some more patches together soon and start a new topic for patches.

  • Users avatarRandome

    Here's mine (dozens of presets stored in different categories).

    Lucide presets.zip(41.3kB, 708 downloads)

  • Users avatarnic

    Many many thanx LUCIDE !

  • Users avatarfxbip

    Here are mine!!!
    Synplant Fxbip patches Vol. 1 Collapsing Nightmares v2 (57patches).rar(47.6kB, 652 downloads)

  • Users avatarfxbip

    So post your presets and im gonna put them in the first post!

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