Accent Adjustment

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  • Michael Wellman

    I have searched the manual and this forum and cannot find any information on changing the default accent level from the velocity at 127, to something lower. Ideally I would like to manually input my own velocity number. I feel like the accent can be too overpowering when I really just want to create a slight variation.

    Is there a workaround or is this possible and I have totally missed it?

    Thank you for your help.

  • Fredd€

    Sorry there is no way to change it from Microtonic. I'll put this down as a feature request as it is not a bad idea.

  • Michael Wellman

    Thank you.

  • rzzz_2000

    Not sure if you if you are using this live or working within a DAW, but in my case I'm using FL Studio versions 11 and 12. If I drag the pattern into the channel, I'm able to adjust the velocities individually in the piano roll.

  • Aj0

    Another suggestion, which avoids digging in to edit the MIDI data, is to investigate the use of your DAW's MIDI dynamics processor plugins. A MIDI compressor features the same controls one is probably familiar with from it's audio counterpart; MIDI velocity above an adjustable threshold is changed by reference to a user defined ratio, at least in my experience of Cubase iirc or Live. This can enable one to squash any wild peaks, be they generated by plugins or the odd heavy-handed phrase from your keyboard. Often scaling, shifting or randomization features are implemented in the MIDI processing suite, all of which can all prove useful. Re-recording the processed MIDI will enable processing power to be saved and then of course allows further manual editing as required to taste.

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