Any way to get controller CC per channel?

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  • DruMunkey

    What I mean is, I want to map CC20 on my controller to Distort. BUT, I want Ch1CC20 to work for Patch 1's distort and Ch2CC20 to work for Patch 2's distort... I've tried flipping the various midi options on and off in settings that have to do with midi channels, but none of them seem to make any difference...

  • Magnus Lidström

    Try "Pitched MIDI Mode" with "MIDI CC operate on selected channel" switched on.

  • DruMunkey

    A Ha! Got it!!

    I gotta admit, I left Microtonic for a while to play with LinPlug's RMV, but I'm back! God I just love uT. Running multiple instances so i can layer sounds is eye-opening. really solves uT's "problem" of high-hats & rides that are jut not very "cymbal" like. They are really about the only "problem" area I think in uT. But layering with some post EQ fiddling, get's pretty good, considering there's not a dedicated cymbal generator like some drum synths. And honestly, most drum synths have given up on the synth part and are really just sample players (yuk!) :)

    Now that I've discovered the scripting thing.. Holy crap. I need to figure out how to write a script, or modify one of the ones I've found in the forum to "sort" drum patches so that low Freq's are on the left (#1) and high freq's are on the right (#8). Your auto-sort thing is close, but it puts snares in th emiddle where more often than not they should be on the right.

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