Middle "C" mismatch?

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  • DruMunkey

    I'm curious why middle C in the OSC per docs is FREQ_VALUE_C4 = 0.4725600599127338
    The frequency value for middle C (523.25 Hz) on "OscFreq", "NFilFrq" and "EQFreq".

    Which is Midi 72 523.2511306012, yet when you actually play uT, MIDI note 60 version of "C" is the note that actually "plays" the note.

    Is this a bug? I don't see a way to set middle "C" value in MIDI settings.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Microtonic was not designed around MIDI note pitches from the beginning. "Pitched MIDI Mode" (and note read-outs on tooltips etc) was added first in version 2. "Pitched MIDI Mode" simply transposes drum patches by midiNoteNumber - 60, so if an oscillator is set to C4 (523.25) that is the pitch that will be played by C3.

    If I happened to call 523.25Hz the "middle C", that is a bit of a misnomer I guess. It is the C that is in the middle of the frequency slider on Microtonic. However, it is not the middle C that is in the middle of a standard piano. Sorry for that confusion.

    Not sure if this answers your question though? :)

  • DruMunkey

    Good enough! :)

    The pitched MIDI thing (though it may have been an afterthought) is <Guinness>BRILLIANT!</Guinness>.

    It's amazing how much more interesting a groove is if you just do something as simple as automate a transpose plugin +/- 2-3 semitones while a beat is running.

    Shhhh... It will be our little secret! :)

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