For those daws/hosts with less advanced MIDI, expose the register bits as VST parameters also

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  • Ulf Hammarqvist

    So, I got this Akai Advance keyboard to end my mapping woes. And for the most part, it does.

    However, when I wanted to get schwifty with the Permut8, I hit a snag that the VIP software (which is doing the mapping magic for you by hosting other VSTs), did not allow me to set individual bits on VST parameters.

    I have made a suggestion over at their place to allow the users to set individual bits rather to toggle the full value, but not sure I'll have any luck.

    So in desperation, I ask the opposite here :) Expose the invididual "switches" as individual vst parameters as well!

    Awesome plug btw. I regret that I decided to sell my NanoControl, as it seems like a great controller for it...

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