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  • orazio tudisco

    Hi, i cannot convert the library that i ive found at this link
    Who can help me? looking down there is a title for owners tx16w, surely i will do something of wrong but, drag the file into the convert, it dosen't work, here i put one of these file.
    KP8-11C4.C01(34kB, 984 downloads)
    Please, can you
    Disk01-Kurtzweil.IMZ(516kB, 1021 downloads)
    give me a hand? I love this Old Yahama! Thank in advance.

  • Sonus

    The setup files starting at address $2000 are missing.
    Reload performances, voices & waves in TX16W.
    Save AV-KURZW setup again to floppy disk:


    Disk01-Kurtzweil.dsk(737kB, 1039 downloads)
  • orazio tudisco

    Thanx very much, but i i would understand better because, in a future for my works as arranger, i want to use tx16w, i love the his story and i still want bring it inside my mucic but, as guitarist i'm far from this kind of stuff, can i convert for exsample, Akay format and make them play from the Tx? And if yes, which is the program that make this? I converted with Gem the old format by Atari many years ago. I follow the forum.

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