Microtonic not showing up in Ableton Live

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  • Eric Camburn

    I installed Microtonic without any errors. However, when I load an instance of Microtonic in Ableton Live an empty MIDI track opens up and the plugin is not loaded. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, and rebooting multiple times.

    I'm using Ableton Live 9 Suite (9.7) in Windows 10, 64 bit version

  • Fredrik Lidström

    First of all, are you running the 64-bit or 32-bit version of Ableton live on your Windows? By default the installer will install the same version as the OS you are running (64-bit in your case) regardless of which version of Ableton you are running. So make sure you are running the 64-bit Live or alternatively custom install the 32-bit version of Microtonic.

    If you are already running the correct version, I am a bit stumped. You say Microtonic shows up in the plug-in menu, but you're not getting any error or anything. When you uninstall Microtonic and run Live, is the Microtonic gone from the plug-in menu? Could there be a different Microtonic dll file somewhere messing with your installation?

  • Eric Camburn

    Thanks Frederik. I uninstalled everything, manually deleted folders and files not removed during installation and cleaned the registry. After reinstallation everything's working fine. I'm assuming there were leftovers from an old installation. Your questions got me pointed in the right direction

  • David Boura

    Hi Fredrik, mine doesn't show up anymore in Ableton Live 9. It vanished weeks ago, i tried several installs and registry cleaning, both with 3.1 and 3.2. My Win 10 64bits is up to date, and this is the only vst that cause me an issue. It's installed in a custom C:\ folder, and works with SaviHost.

    It's not super urgent though, don't put my question on top of your todo list!

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Make sure you install the correct version 32/64 bit. It has nothing to do with what Windows version you are running, but if the host is 32 or 64 bit. You can choose to install both during installation and try them one by one. (By default the 64-bit one will end up in Program Files and the other one in Program Files (x86). )

  • David Boura

    Hello Fredrik, thank you for your fast answer, i only saw it yesterday.
    It's finally working on Live 10, but still doesn't appear anymore in 9, so that's solved.

    Great day!

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