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  • mossie23

    Recently when I reopened sets In Ableton Live (latest version, both windows and osx), microtonic has opened with a Bad boy! preset, with all the sounds muted. That means I have to go through all the instances and either unmute all sounds or load a new preset. What is causing this?

    (And yes, everything is legal)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Maybe you have ended up with a Bad boy! preset as your default. Can you just change preset to something else to start playing? If so, go into your Preferences found under the main menu button inside Microtonic. Here, try setting the Startup Bank to "Initialized" or "Factory Demos".

    If it keeps messing with you, you most likely have an invalid vst plugin still on your system. Make sure you uninstall fully, start your host to verify that there is no Microtonic, then install again.

  • mossie23

    Let me rephrase what I said. The 'Bad boy preset is not a preset. The microtonic opens with the settings I had when I closed the session, but all channels are muted and the name is changed to 'Bad boy!'. When I unmute the channels, the microtonic plays as it should. It now sometimes even happens mid-session.

    I have no idea what an 'invalid vst plugin' might be. I bought microtonic back when it was at version 1 I believe. Or does it have to do with your new authorization system? Recently I had a situation where I had to re-authorize all my SC plugins, without changing anything to my system.

    What do you propose I do? Assuming you programmed the bad boy! behavior into microtonic, I believe you know in what cases it should show up.

  • mossie23

    Ok, I think I have pinpointed the problem... it always happens when I save a project. Ableton Live latest version, on both Win10 and osx 10.11. What happens upon saving is that all drum channels are muted, and if it's a fresh microtonic that I just put in the project, the preset name will change to 'bad boy!'

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