Sone questions with microtonic

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  • Kosta Kosta

    Yo, cant understand what does this functions mean, even with reviews
    What the difference between standart and multi versions?
    Choke button and output A and B buttons
    How can I put each instrument in each channel in FL? If I want to do sidechain only with kick, if i want eq 1 of instruments in this drumachine. Should i create several microtonic channels with only 1 instruments or do sampling to do this things?
    How can i create automation clip for functiones in microtonic? In FL I cant do it with 1 right click.

  • timbralzoom

    in your case you need to use Microtonic Multi
    here is the basic video demonstration how to use in FL 12.4

    YouTube Video

    i hope it helps.

  • Kosta Kosta

    Great, bruw!=)

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