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  • sandbags

    I'm probably going to buy Microtonic partly because I need something like it, partly because of the nice discount, and partly because I love Permut8.

    But there is a pretty nice deal on Air Music Transfuser 2 at the moment and I have been checking out some of its tricks. It's sample based so I am not really comparing that. But in terms of the pattern sequencer, pattern generation, and smart randomization it seems to have something going for it.

    If you check out this short section of video:

    YouTube Video

    I quite like how easy it is to create a pattern from a template and then use the randomizer to affect specific parts of it.

    I've only played a little bit with Microtonic's randomization and while it, too, seems to have some interesting tricks up its sleeve it seems a little less controllable than Transfuser.

    Or am I wrong?


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