Happy New Year!

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  • Magnus Lidström

    Happy New Year!

    To celebrate that we are finally leaving 2016 behind we have created a new firmware for Permut8 called Specular. I call it a "spectral resynthesizer". It is FFT based and can be used to create spacey reverbs and "glassy soundscapes". I think it sounds cool on anything from full acoustic recordings to synth sounds.

    I thought it had a fitting sound for a Christmas gift, but we didn't quite finish it in time for last weekend. Notice that I'm really stretching what is possible CPU-wise with the virtual machine inside Permut8. I had never imagined releasing heavy FFT based effects written in this invented assembly language. So be prepared for a heavy toll on your CPU (something like 25% per instance). Bouncing is your friend. :)

    Hope you like it. As always, to load the firmware, just open the .p8bank file in Permut8.

    Specular Firmware.p8bank(45.4kB, 1801 downloads)

    Also in case you missed it, we released a bank of 77 new Synplant patches this Christmas. It is called Horticultural Discoveries and Synplant owners can download it from http://soniccharge.com/download

    More exciting news from Sonic Charge will come soon!

    Best wishes
    / Magnus & Fredrik Lidström

  • THeymer

    Sounds great, very inspiring!!! Thanks a lot! Looking forward to your 2017 releases!
    All the best,

  • Chris Rose

    You guys rule. I'm very happy to be a customer of such great developers. All the best for 2017.

  • steve westbrook

    yes! thank you and happy new year :)

  • Christophe Le Padellec

    Cool, thanks.

  • Dumbo

    I just bought Permut8, so this is a welcomed gift, thank you! And I wish you all a happy and healthy and successful new year 2017!

  • Randolph Rueba

    Wow, thanks so much, this sounds amazing! Happy new year, and I am really looking forward to whatever you guys are cooking up next. Have a great 2017!

  • Bungle

    Absolutely brilliant Firmware, definitely one of my favourites !

  • aoVI

    Thank you!

  • konfront tama

    wild firmware. thanks

  • Greg Killmaster

    love it. thanks very much!

  • Chris R Gibson

    Actually, timing was perfect...this way it can be enjoyed on it's own rather than amid the 'mall-crush' of stuff that hit my email account in December!

    Thank you, I will look forward to seeing new things from Soniccharge this year :)

  • Bart Leblans

    Thank you!
    I bought permut8 only recently and I'm very happy with the sound. I use it a lot these days. Very curious how this will sound ....

  • AB459

    Cool Thanks

    Damn tried it just now, really amazing!

  • XRMX

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • Martin Géč

    Awesome, thank you! :-)

  • Ulf Hammarqvist

    Fun! Will you add this to the download area?

  • Magnus Lidström

    Thanks for all the positive feedback! We will certainly add it to the official firmware installer. We just need to catch up on the Microtonic 3.2 launch first.

  • EnochLight

    - Magnus Lidström wrote:
    Happy New Year!

    Any chance you have a new firmware cooked up to kick off 2018? ;)

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