Disappearing forum post

sandbags134 views3 posts
  • sandbags


    I posted in the microtonic forum about AirMusic Transfuser, in particular looking at some of the tricks it has for generating patterns and randomising them.


    I can find the post by searching and I can see it has 28 views (can't all be me) but I can't see it in the forum itself.



  • Fredrik Lidström

    This one? I can see it.

    What might confuse you is if you have a lot of topics with unread posts, those will always be shown above other topics.

    To remove the unread marker from a post you can click the number.


    or remove them all
  • sandbags

    Ah, Frederik, thank you. Yes I think this must be the problem. I don't think I ever did that since I joined the forum. I kind of assumed it would sort by date.



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