Pattern chaining question

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  • Jon Crystal

    I am brand new to Microtonic, enjoying it immensely.

    I ran into a situation with pattern chaining that I cannot figure out.

    It was my assumption that I could chain A to B to L and back to A, etc. However, I have found that while I can chain A to B, then move on to chain B to C, if I look back at A it no longer is chaining to B. Also, I have found no way to get L to chain to will only go to K.

    Am I misunderstanding what is possible, or doing something wrong?

    EDITL: Found an answer/solution. I had assumed I should just use the right arrow to move forward, but now I find that if all but first and last in a chain have BOTH direction arrows selected it works as it should.....just counterintuitive.

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