Basic sine is not "click-free"?

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  • Nowhk

    Hi all.

    Not sure why, but if I play a plain sine within Microtonic (Osc 100%, gain 0, distort 0, some osc-sine freq, sine pitch mod, attack -inf, pitch amout 0), I can "see" on a spectrum the sine wave playing (with the phase starting correctly at 0°, or at least it seems), because at the beginning there's also lots of higher harmonics/partial, which add a sort of "click" at the beginning (it seems sine phase is not 0, but in fact it is, played with other content).

    It's a bug or desidered? Are there some "noise" that start at phase different than 0° played together the sine wave at the very beginning of the sound?


  • Magnus Lidström

    The sine starts at 45 degrees to give it some more punch. Just raise the attack slightly to get rid of the click if it is not desired.

  • Nowhk

    I see. Not sure why, but I was trying a configuration that was outputting a sine wave with strange attack shape (a sort of click + sine phase 0). I'm not able to reproduce it again now. Who know :)

    Thanks for the info.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Could be an ultra fast pitch decay maybe? That would look like a click.

  • Nowhk

    No no, I was trying with a steady sine wave. No decay/modulation. It started with a strange "phase", such as 90° with a smooth fade towards the real shape.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Smooth fade could be because of voice-stealing maybe? Microtonic does that if you have a non-zero attack and a sound is already playing on the channel, even if it is very very low.

  • Nowhk

    No no, I was sampling a single tone/trigger. Dunno, I really can't remember how I've achieved that sound. If I reckon I'll let you know. Thanks

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