Rack Extension SDK 2.5 - can we now get Microtonic and Permut8 ??!

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  • Users avatarEnochLight

    So, the RE SDK 2.5 just dropped. Does this now provide the features needed to deliver Microtonic and Permut8 to Reason as Rack Extensions?

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    Sorry but I can't comment on this as it involves details that are still under NDA.

  • Users avatarEnochLight

    D'oh! I thought I posted this question in the beta forum. My bad.

  • Users avatarJoey Luck

    Hmmmm... Me thinks you would say "no plans at this time" if that was the answer :)

  • Users avatarEnochLight


  • Users avatarjonathan10

    Count me in as another unstably for permit for reason. Its my favorite effect, complete insanity love it. With the control reason offers would take to next level and likely make a lot of revenue as I believe everyone who has reason will buy it just echo bode which is probably the best creative effect for reason. Magnus your work is out of control brotha!

  • Users avatarsparkd

    I'm a developer and a Reason user, so I understand the challenges. The PO-32 got me into Microtonic, and I'd also love to see it as an RE. Maybe the new RE SDK will give you what you need? Hope so!

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