Microtonic: MIDI Mapping "philosophy": 1 map per param vs per selected Drum aware GUI control/widget

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  • Koshdukai

    Short(est)'ish version:

    Is there a way to have a global layer of mapping, working within the context of the currently selected drum so an 8 Pad+16 Button+a few knobs MIDI controller would be able to make use of all of the Microtonic capabilities of Drum playing and pattern setting?

    Loooong version:

    As I understand it, all Microtonic MIDI mappable parameters are unique where each Drum param and respective step buttons have their own MIDI map (right?).
    So, there's no extra global layer of a more GUI-based MIDI mapping i.e. what (button/fader) you see is what it's possible to map 1:1 to a control on your controller.
    So there's 1:1 mapping for all existing parameters, but no 1:1 for each GUI multi-drum/function controls.

    This is fine when the MIDI controller being used is "smart" enough to deal with multiple sets of the same controls, including quick/easy set choosing i.e. allowing easy selection of a set/group of MIDI values (Notes/CC) per Drum so it'll send the correct set when focusing on a specific Drum.
    I guess the easiest, most basic way to do this type of "control set/group selection" = "drum selection" would be to quickly change the MIDI Channel Output, so all controls would keep the same MIDI Note/CC to send but on a respective MIDI Channel (per Drum channel)

    But, rarely MIDI controllers are this smart (or easy+quick to change global MIDI channel), so... if all I have is a controller with a few Pads, buttons and knobs, all I can really do is set each to a specific Note/CC, map them to the visible GUI controls and pray for the controlled virtual instrument to do the "set selection" itself... meaning, if I mapped 16 buttons to the Microtonic 16 Step buttons, I would expect Microtonic to work within the context of the Drum selected, else, I would need to have 8x16 buttons, just to control the step sequencing of all the Drums.

    If this is already possible, please explain how :) ...if not, well, please take this as a feature suggestion: to add an extra layer of MIDI mapping leaning towards the way the GUI works, allowing MIDI mapping each of the visible controls once and all work within the selected Drum context :)

  • Magnus Lidström

    I think what you are asking for is basically this button:

  • Koshdukai

    Was coming here to say "I FOUND IT!!!" ...but you're faster than me -.-'

    Thanks! It's exactly that (together with "Select drum...") :D

    Nothing like requesting an already existing feature... sigh ;)

  • Iulian Muresan

    I have a Novation SL 49 MKII controller which uses Automap. Automap does not output CC midi messages, but some automation numbers. Basically I want to have one mapping in Automap for all the buttons of one drum (channel) and when I switch to another drum (channel) I want to have the same mappings. Any idea how I can make this happen? Thanks.

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