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  • philter

    here is a sound demo i´d like to share with you. 30 minutes crazy sounds, only produced with
    SYNPLANT and MICROTONIC, no other instruments. Host was Ableton Live but i did not use any effects or mastering stuff here because it was more a spontaneous recorded jam session i made with a friend.
    so don´t bother with the strange arrangement or some other mistakes. I don´t know how to describe my musical style , somekind of strange crazy beepy noisy techno stuff. at least it shows the wide range of sounds you can achieve and how good SYNPLANT and MICROTONIC work together and what you can do with just theese 2 plugins. Enjoy it! ;)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    I get a "Oops, looks like we can't find that page!" when I try to follow your link. I'm not a registered soundcloud user and have no clue if it shows up for those that are. =)

    (also, if you just type in the soundcloud URL on the forum as clear text, it will replace it with an inline player. If you want to, otherwise you should link like you did and I should shut up :rolleyes: )

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