Please a sample slot!

Michael Schirmer343 views3 posts
  • Users avatarMichael Schirmer

    I miss a sample slot for microtonic where you can load also short hit samples into microtonic! There is no need for extended sampler options, just a little sample screen where you casn define the start/end point, the envelope and some mod options for the basic parameters.

  • Users avatarsynclab

    But the whole point of ┬ÁTonic is to be synthetic all the way, and there are tons of options in existent DAWS for doing doing that.

  • Users avatarCharles Goodwin

    I have to agree! Adding a sample panel as a third section to the microtonic would be amazing. If you could layer organic sounds with the synthetic options you would have a ground breaking all-inclusive option for drums. I'm enjoying the microtonic so much and would love more options for tweaking!!!

    Would also be great to have additional resolution on the pattern sequences for really tight timing.

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