PO32 is 99. Bought Microtonic recently for 99. The bundle was 139 :(

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  • Taupe

    I own multi multiple Sonic Charge Products. Recently bought microtonic.
    The promised nice loyalty discount for PO32. is about 10 euro. I can|t see the advance. It seems new customers were way better treated in this deal
    (And the protective cover is not exactly a steal for 40 euro too, but I guess upping the price for that with an extra 10 euro was just necessary...)

    It was an expensive set for me, loyal Sonic Charge customer.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey. Sorry to hear about your disappointment. We try our best to make sure our customers do not feel screwed when it comes to pricing. That's one of the reasons we almost never do sales campaigns. The tricky part here is that the po-32 is from a completely different company, and that makes it hard for us to reward our loyal customers when you purchase their product. We knew this would be a small discount (that's why we said so from the start) and 10% is the deal we landed. When it comes to the po-32 + Microtonic bundle, we discounted the Microtonic quite a bit to make it an exclusive and attractive first edition. We have been talking about a possible bundle in the future, but it will not land as low as 139 (final price and launch date is to be determined).

    Personally I would have loved if our loyal customers would have been able to buy the po-32 back in January already. But unfortunately I don't always get what I want. 😏

  • toitoy

    Please make the bundle offer again, maybe for some special Microtonic date.

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