Lemur, Studio One and uTonic

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  • Sune Keidser-Nilsson

    Hi all.

    I just bought my first iPad to make music creation easier and more fun with Studio One Remote and Lemur. But, I can't get the instructions from this https://liine.net/en/community/user-library/view/244/ to work with Studio One.

    I have installed loopMIDI and Lemur Daemon, and as far as I understand, there're connections between those two apps, Studio One and my iPad. But I think there's something I'm missing in the setup in Studio One. Either the individual tracks' MIDI setting, or something entirely else.

    Does anyone have a clue what to do?

    It looks cool to control uTonic with a touch on the iPad instead of mouseclicking all the time. So I really want this to work.

    Cheers, Sune

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