What's the secret to getting a reply?

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    I got a reply to an initial inquiry about an old coupon code I had from Synplant beta-testing and gave the relevant information as requested, back on the 18th May. The email said "Case 13757".
    Never heard back.
    Emailed again on the 31st May, never heard back.
    I kinda expect bad support from the bigger companies but thought the smaller ones would at least make an effort to give shit about customers.
    Very disappointing.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Really really sorry about this. We admit that the support is not always optimal, due to a number of factors. We are (as you probably know) a tiny company and we have a very uneven work load. We are receiving quite a lot of emails (as apparent by the case number 13757), and it takes anywhere from ten minutes to a few weeks to reply to an email, depending on the nature of the request.

    Our previous support system has not been ideal for balancing the reply times. For example, there has been no way to configure the software to sort emails so that unanswered emails are given higher priority. As soon as we have had say 50 open cases, it has quickly turned into a disorganized soup. The last few weeks have been such a soup.

    We came to the conclusion that an open forum would be better for our service in most aspects, and we have been working on integrating this system the past few weeks (it has been more work than expected, which ironically might have caused us to neglect work on some support cases).

    This brings me to the point and the answer to the topic question "What's the secret to getting a reply?". The answer is: use this forum.

    In answer to your request, I believe Fredrik mentioned that we do not have those discount codes any more. The Synplant beta was two years ago and we had a different sales system altogether. This is why he needed to check up on things with the new sales system. You should receive an email or PM from him soon with a secret link that will give you a discount on your Synplant purchase.

  • Ascallaby Callaby

    I have also emailed you guys a couple of times now with a great promotion idea I have had and have unfortunately not heard anything either!

    Please do check your email for my messages and please do drop me a PM.




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