Want to Buy Microtonic License (from PO-32)

Patrick W692 views3 posts
  • Patrick W

    Hi Microtonic Community!
    I know some of you guys bought the PO-32/Microtonic bundle even though you already own Microtonic. I was wondering if any of you were looking to offload that unused license and if so I'd be very interested! I just bought a PO-32 and am super excited about it and would love to get Microtonic for it at the bundle price :). Hopefully this can be mutually beneficial for someone haha


  • Andrea Belluzzi

    Hi Patrick,
    I can sell you my Microtonic license for €70.


  • Oli Harvey

    Hi Andrea, or anyone else, do you still have a spare licence for sale? I bought the PO-32 without realising the plugin is separate so missed out on any bundle price.

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