Synplant Randomize - How it Works

Iuri Côrte-Real (CORE)432 views2 posts
  • Iuri Côrte-Real (CORE)

    Hey awesome people,

    I'm currently on the trial version and actually decided to buy Synplant.
    One of the features I love is the "New Random Seed" but I don't know how does it actually work.

    Does it goes through the stock presets randomly or does it really randomizes the sound?
    Do we get "one of a kind" sounds or everyone might "stumble" on the same "randomized seed"?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Magnus Lidström

    It truly randomizes all genes. No one will ever be exactly the same as any other. The atonality slider is taken into consideration. Turn it up to get crazier special effect type of patches. Turn it down to get more melodic and playable patches.

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