PO-32 Microtonic confusion

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  • Glenn Frey

    Hello everybody,

    I hope you can shed some light on my confusion.

    I just bought the PO-32 and thought that Microtonic comes with it (key to unlock it).
    Teenage engineering doesn't say anything about having to buy a license of Microtonic
    on top. They just say what you can do with Microtonic and the PO-32 (I even thought Microtonic is a software from TE). I also was sure that this is the case because the PO-32 costs 99€ instead of 69€ like the others and thought that's because of the additional software you get.
    On top of that also the reseller does not say anything about the Microtonic software not coming with the purchase.

    Some people here in the forum said they bought the bundle that comes with a key. What bundle?
    I can't find a bundle anywhere online. If at least there was a bundle at my german reseller I would have known that there is a second option to buy the PO-32 with Microtonic.

    Now I paid 99€ for the PO-32 (even though I already have 4 PO's already) just because of the possibility to create sounds with that software. But now I can't unless I pay another 99€.

    If this is the case then I have to say TE is really unfair for not communicating this clearly. They do marketing for a great feature that requires an additional purchase but hide this information?

    Can someone please clear this up for me?
    Thanks a lot guys

  • Dan Barrett

    There was a limited edition bundle when they first came out that included the VST along with the PO-32.
    Trust me though, the internal architecture of the PO-32 is vastly different to the other PO's and it'll be worth spending the extra money for what really is an amazing VST instrument in it's own right. Used properly, you'll be able to get a vast amount of sounds out of the PO-32 - not just 16 presets.
    I do sympathise with you on the issue of TE not making it clear enough on their site - though that was far clearer when the bundle was on offer.

  • Glenn Frey

    Ok thanks Dan.
    Yes TE: Not ok! Not ooooo kkkkk!

  • Blake Mead

    I think I have also been stung by this. My retailer had it advertised as the PO-32 with VST Microtonic, however I did not get a redemtion code. It is the only reason I bought it as I wanted the VST aswell. I poured over the information and I was always understanding it as coming with microtonic.

    Not impressed with TE and my retailer.

    Love Microtonic, need to save some more.

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