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  • Carlton Moody

    So I recently bought the PO-32 because I wanted to make beats on the go and while I am touring. I love this thing and was really excited to use it with the Vst capability.

    So the big question is can I make a beat on the PO 32 and export it to the vst. The whole reason I bought this was to create while I am on the go and export my ideas. I see you can export the patterns to other P032 with the data transfer but i have not seen 1 video showing a export to the vst. Only the opposite way from the VST to the Synth. This would be a super useful feature.

    The main thing is I am not about to spend 100 on a vst if this option is not there and the demo does not let you try this out.

    I am ok to purchase the Microtonic but no where have I seen this feature anywhere.

  • Fredrik Lidström


    Sorry there is no way to import into Microtonic because the PO-32 has a different feature set.

    The PO-32 factory sounds are included in Microtonic, so you could try to replicate the patterns step-by-step. The tricky parts are the features that are PO-32 exclusive like the effects, individual morph and the fact that the PO-32 has a 16 sounds kit.

  • Marcelo Alva

    I have the same Question, Carlton Moody did you find any solution for this?

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