Saving Permut presets as NKSF fails, not loading settings.

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  • dtech

    I saved a bunch of Permut8 presets inside Maschine as nksf, but they fails to load settings when recalled.
    I don't have this problem with Echobode and Microtonic when saved as nksf.
    Anyone got an idea if the problem is coming from the host or the plugin?
    Thanks for help.
    (OSX 10.12.4 Maschine 2.6.5 Permut8 1.1)

    Edit: It appears than the bank instead of the program is saved as nksf preset.
    reloading a nksf preset will load the correct bank but with only the first preset of the bank.
    Atm the work around is to manually copy the program to the first spot of the bank prior to saving to nksf...

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey, that sounds like the exact same problem I ran into when testing Maschine 2.4 last year. I'll contact NI again and see if they have an update on the issue.

  • dtech

    It's not a big issue (bank are still saved) but NKSF compatibility would be welcome.
    A big thanks for your support and the great music plugins you released.

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