from po32 to microtonic or other vst

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  • Stefano Tenuta

    Hello, you can create samples and send them to the po32 device, but can you create sound or patters in the po 32 and send them to computer? Thanks

  • Fredrik Lidström


    PO-32 tonic is not a sampler; it is a software percussion synthesizer. When you transfer a new sound to the PO-32, you are sending the drum patch parameter values. You cannot create new sounds on the PO-32 unit; you will have to use the Microtonic software for that.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to export patterns from the PO-32 into the Microtonic. The reason for this is that the sequencer in the PO-32 has an extended feature set that is more advanced. We felt this was needed as the PO-32 is typically used stand-alone whereas the Microtonic is used inside a DAW full of additional features.

  • Stefano Tenuta

    Write + sound (transfer data) on the background. If acc + sound you recieve from micfotonic i dont know whats the porpouse of write+sound. Thx

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Ah. Write + sound is a data dump. You can use this to transfer all data between two PO-32 units or record it as an audio file for backup / archiving. Let's say you make some patterns that you want to keep. Just dump the data to an audio file and you will be able to load it back with acc + sound in the future.

  • Guy Fairchild

    I was basically wondering the same thing. Sometimes I download someone else's PO32 data. Lets say I like one particular drum sound, but none of the others. How can I save that one drum sound, or at least know what the parameters are on microtonic?

  • Michael Schirmer

    But you can save your PO-32 inside DAW, Just record the transfer signal to track, loading it again into PO-32 Tonic when ever you want and tweak it. Then you can record the audio. In this way you can tweak somewhere else and come back to record it. Basically it is a microtonic for outside. Recording it inside DAW: Just set the BPM of your DAW, record and move the audio to bar start. Very easy and fast.

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