Installed VST's; Can't use any of them (external hard drive issues)

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  • Aubrey Chambers

    Hey Everybody,

    I just downloaded the bundle that has the five VSTs from Sonic Charge. I was excited because I tried out Synplant and loved the hell out of it. When I saw there was a bundle I bought it immediately. I've downloaded the bundle, I've installed the files. I was a bit hesitant because FL Studio for me isn't on my regular hard drive. It's on my external hard drive. I tried installing them onto my external hard drive into the plugins folder. It made sense to me. Considering that's where all the plugins go.

    I authenticated the programs. Fired them up in FL Studio, and I couldn't open any of them. I'm not sure what I did wrong. But does anybody have a solution to this issue? I have so much I wanna do with these VSTs.


  • Fredrik Lidström


    Usually, when the plug-ins don't show up in your host, it is because it cannot find them in the paths that it is scanning (or it has not done a rescan). In FL Studio, go to the FL Studio Plugin Manager where you can see what paths it will scan. You can add more, or you can reinstall the Sonic Charge Bundle and make sure you place the plugin files in one of these paths.

    Make sure that you install our 32-bit versions if you run the 32-bit version of FL Studio. Once you checked the paths, hit the "Start scan" button at the top and our plug-ins should show up in the list on the right.

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