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  • Gabe Tompkins

    Ever considered it? With the dramatic increase in iPad processing power over the past few years, the addition of audio plug-in support and iOS 11 around the corner it’s becoming a pretty interesting platform for creative art and music applications. It would be fantastic to see some or all of Sonic Charge’s plug-ins on the platform.

  • Romain Ricaud

    Yes, please !!! There are any existing alternatives. But, Microtonic on iPad is still missing.

  • geir ytterdahl

    Yes, please! Add Bitspeek, Echobode & Permut too.

  • Funkspace

    Absolutely! I just came here looking to see if the worlds best electronic beat box is on iOS yet! I’ve had it since the early days. After deciding I wanted to reboot my music creating and simplify, I’m moving to a platform that is always on, portable and ready to go. I tend do do more of smaller personal ‘projects’ which actually inspires more creativity. The iPad ipad has doing it for me graphically for sure and it’s already getting awesome as a music creation tool. I would absolutely love μtonic on an iPad as an AU3 plugin. It’s still the best for many reasons.

  • Javi Alvarez

    I know this is almost two years old, but I can't help to replu.... this would be incredible... please, make it happen ^__^

  • Sergey Kharuta

    Totally agree!!!

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