Microtonic: Can you turn off keyboard control?

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  • James Cooley

    In the newest version of microtonic when the GUI has focus it steals keyboard focus from the DAW in order to use it to control various parameters (pattern switching etc.), but I can't seem to find a way to turn this behavior off. I very often use my computer keyboard as the midi keyboard when I'm tweaking sounds. Now when the GUI has focus I can no longer trigger sounds while I'm editing them which makes editing very annoying because I have to keep clicking back and forth between the DAW and Microtonic and can't audition changes in real time. I'm not sure if this is something that changed recently because I don't remember having this issue before but I could be mistaken, I just recently installed the latest versions of the plugins on a new machine so I believe I had previously been working with an older revision. thanks!

  • Magnus Lidström

    Actually it always used to be like this, but it got broken in the 64-bit update for Mac and was fixed again in version 3.2. You can trigger the drums with keys 1 to 8. But I hear you and agree that people may want to turn this feature off entirely as more people use the computer keyboard as a MIDI device nowadays. I'll add it to the wish-list.

  • James Cooley

    Thanks for the info! Triggering with the number keys will work fine for my use. And I see now that info is in the manual which is slightly embarrassing because I looked over the chart with the key commands several times so somehow it just didn't sink in. I'm sure I must have been previously running the version with the broken key commands and I think I even believed at the time it came out that it was a bug fix :)

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