Higher sample rates benefits?

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  • Christophe Le Padellec


    I'm asking this especially about Synplant but it applies to all your plugins.

    I'm working in 44100Hz and I'd like to know if there would be benefits to work in higher ones?

  • Magnus Lidström

    This is an interesting subject. I always strive to make my plug-ins sound good in 44kHz (which is the lowest reasonable sample-rate to use, although they ought to work all the way down to 11kHz).

    Certain aspects of the sound might alias a bit less if you go up in sample-rate, e.g. to 192kHz, but the downside is that some sounds might sound slightly different (especially true for Microtonic which is the oldest product with the least sophisticated dsp). This probably doesn't matter if you produce your track in the higher rate to begin with, but it could matter if you choose to only make your mix-down in a higher rate.

    This is of course true for many products, not only mine, also including built-in effects in DAWs.

    So basically I'd try to choose a rate for a track that sounds good (and doesn't stress the CPU too much) then try to stick to that rate when working on it all the way to mastering.

    In Synplant particularily there are certain FM sounds that might sound a bit clearer in the highs if you increase the rate. E.g. I remember doing one of the patch-demos that had a lot of bell-like timbres in 192kHz.

    The (intentional) aliasing created by the b_sh gene is an example of something that can sound a lot different with different sample-rates.

  • Christophe Le Padellec

    Cool, thanks a lot.

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