uTonic strange behavior !!! UNWANTED sound randomness?!?

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  • anonymous

    Hi Everybody!
    I noticed a very strange (and UNWANTED) microtonic behaviour!Some patches play in a random way (=Vol,Pan,Noise differences) each time they are triggered (both by mouse and by host sequencer)and this -in my personal opinion-is really bad especially in electronic productions!
    Maybe I do wrong something.....
    I've created a rar file with a MT pach (very close to the initial/default one),a snapshot of the screen and an audio file where you can CLEARLY hear the randomness of the sound....
    So I hope I'm wrong because I love Microtonic very much and I'm planning to buy a copy (maybe tomorrow)
    Sorry if my english sucks,hope the Rar. file can be useful to understand my point.

    Nb:I tested MT 3.0 Win XP sp3 Reaper AND Studio One......


  • Magnus Lidström

    The drum patch in question is generating a sinusoidal tone through filtered noise with extreme resonance ("q"). On purpose, to get a more analogue and lively sound, the noise generators in MicroTonic are not reset on note-on (afaik, there is no way to reset an analogue noise generator to begin with). This means that the perceived level of the tone will fluctuate over time depending on the momentary energy level of the noise in the narrow-band resonant frequency range. The oscillator on the other hand is always reset on note-on to get a consistent attack sound. Thus, the oscillator and noise work in opposite ways in this regard.

    To achieve a similar sound to the patch you supplied, but with improved consistency over time, try mixing the oscillator with a non-resonant filtered noise instead. Like in this example: TEST MT3 Patch Using Osc.mtdrum(0.54kB, 785 downloads)

    Notice that a sound in MicroTonic will never sound exactly the same twice, although the effect is only as dramatic as in your example when you use high q on the noise filter. This unpredictability is part of the analogue character of MicroTonic. If you wish for an exact reproduction of a drum sound, you need to sample it.

  • anonymous

    Hey Magnus,first of all many thanx for your reply.
    Your patch sounds EXACTLY as aspected...so the "problem" is noise+filter Q (also half level of Q) and also the stereo position changes in a random way.
    I appreciate the analogue character of Microtonic but sometimes the Vol+Pan"random factor" is a bit too strong (when using noise+Q without oscillator) but with your method I think we can easily compensate the consistency of most of the "risky" patches :)

  • Magnus Lidström

    - Agi wrote:
    Your patch sounds EXACTLY as aspected...so the "problem" is noise+filter Q (also half level of Q) and also the stereo position changes in a random way.

    The stereo position changes because the button aptly titled "stereo" is on. It creates two uncorrelated noise sources for left and right that will vary in volume independently = random pan and volume.

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