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  • braduro

    I posted this on Cuckoo's thorough youtube walk through, but seeing as I'm always trying to figure stuff out on here, I thought it only fair that I share something when I have a good trick. This is the natural consequence of morph and preset behavior that many of you may have already figured out. But still the step-by-step could be useful. (I'm a bit laxed about my use of the word pattern and preset, pad/patch in order to convey the same things that Cuckoo labels in the video.) Here's the comment in full form:

    YouTube Video

    Wanna have some fun? Do this:
    1) Whichever drum patches saved to your PO-32 currently, select sounds 1-8 twisting the morph knob all the way left for each sound. It's quick because once you select the next pad, the knob will practically already be in place. And I forgot to add: put the pitch, dial A, into the center position, say 4 bars, for each of the same pads
    2) Open microtonic desktop. Slide Morph fader all the way to the LEFT. Open a preset, construct or save a kit, or load in each patch for each pad.
    If you're like me, try loading a preset that comes with a kit and patterns.
    3) Optimize the order of the pads on MT by dragging the lanes up and down in the full-view sequencer. Better results than the "Optimize for PO-32" option, but you could press that button instead on the transfer interface if you prefer. When this window is open, MT will give you a preview of what the pattern will sound like, voice stealing and all, on the PO-32.

    Sub kicks, for example, should not really be on pad 5 because it'll end up belonging to the same voice assignment as your main kick. I save subs to pad 8. Otherwise, it's 1=kick, 2=snare, 3=closed HH, 7=Open HH. And you have some leniency with the other pads, perhaps a tom or bass tone on 5, a clap on pad 6.

    Just because a pattern doesn't use all the pads, don't just order them as the first handful of pads, unless one is clearly muted due to it being in an init state or something like that. You might go back and use those other pads for other patterns after all, or you might just enjoy playing the full kit on your PO-32
    4) Transfer all the sounds and pattern to buttons 1-8 and pattern 1, or transfer all patterns 1-4 if you have some patterns already in place on MT.
    5) Put Write button in perf mode on PO-32 so you can freely adjust the morph dial for each pad 1-8, and now turn each one fully clockwise. (If you're in edit mode, you'll be literally rewriting the default morph position for that related pattern, and you'd need to be holding the write button down to alter the morph dial for each pad. Not what we want to commit to in this example.)
    6) Go back to microtonic desktop. Slide Morph fader all the way to the RIGHT. Open a preset, construct or save a kit, or load in each patch for each pad.
    7) Repeat steps 3 and 4. That is, transfer the sounds to the same top buttons 1-8. If you loaded in a different pattern entirely with this other kit, save these additional pattern(s) to pad 9 or 5-8 as examples, so you ultimately can give yourself an even number of patterns per kit. Which leads us to the tip:

    Now the morph dial on the PO-32 will transform between the two kits you created on microtonic. They didn't even need to be related to each other, and you didn't even need separate buttons for 2 patches. Any patterns you transferred will automatically recall the morph position you positioned them in, hard counter-clock, and clockwise. You could repeat this for transfers to pads 9-16, essentially saving 4 kits to PO-32 with room for 4 patterns each. I like to pack a bunch of patterns that have a similar tempo, even if they were saved as separate presets with separate kits.
    Also, the patterns will be remembered in their morph position, although it may not show it in performance mode. That is, the first row as I've set it up will be the first kit, the 2nd row the 2nd kit, etc. If you want to play a different kit over the current pattern, you'd still need to adjust the dials in performance mode.

  • EnochLight

    - braduro wrote:
    I posted this...

    Hey man - I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your video above. I saw it some time ago when you first did it, and it really helped me get down and deep with my PO-32. I also appreciated the interview you did with Magnus - great to have some insight on an industry legend!

  • Joshua Rudolph

    Coming to this super late when searching for an entirely different PO32 question, but I'm a bit confused... All those instructions are just to get two kits split between the MORPH knob? Isn't that essentially all the MORPH function does? I've been doing essentially the same thing (unless I am misunderstanding, which seems very possible) by just loading and/or modeling a kit on MT with MORPH set to one pole, then doing the same with it set to the opposite pole. The slider on MT; and after transferring to Tonic, the MORPH pot, now allow me to access two entirely different kits. Same thing, right?

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