Microtonic + PO-32 tonic bundle

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  • Andy Friend

    Can anyone please confirm if this offer is still valid?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    It is

  • Andy Friend

    Thank you

  • Fitzghil

    Hi Fredrik, and now? Was thinking about getting the whole bundle actually

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Yeah, the discount on Microtonic is still available. However, it does not make the bundle cheaper since that is already a higher (25%) discount, and they do not stack.

  • I T

    Hello, I also emailed a request and am looking forward to purchasing Microtonic.

  • Text Book

    sent a photo of receipts and serials on packaging and the sexy units too

  • NeverEnoughOscs

    Hi! I've also emailed with a photo of my serial, and the PO-32 receipt. Thanks!

  • Luis Bicho

    Hello, I have Microtonic + PO32, do this discount apply in the buy of PO35??

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Sorry, Teenage Engineering does not offer any discount to our existing customers.

  • Biagini Mauro

    hi, I sent photos and purchase receipt to take advantage of the discount if still valid. Thanks

  • djmatt5tatham

    hello, I'm very excited, I've been waiting for this for a long time.
    With all due respect, I love these sounds.
    greetings from Hungary.

  • Les Titford

    I have bought a Pocket Operator P.O.-32 Tonic today and would like to buy a discounted version of Microtonic software for Mac. I've been using the demo version for a week now and I really like it. I am attaching the photo of my box which shows the serial number of my Tonic on the barcode sticker.

    Many Thanks


  • Fredrik Lidström

    - Les Titford wrote:
    I am attaching the photo of my box which shows the serial number of my Tonic on the barcode sticker.

    If you have not done so already, please send the image and a copy of your receipt to support@soniccharge.com

  • Marcelo Alva

    Hello I have the same issue! I sent to you a copy of the the receipt. hope it works.

  • Armando Emanuel Cabrera Ortiz

    Hi! Everyone and Fredrik. I bought a PO 32 in January, my little question is:
    The guy who imports and sells them here doesn't have a proper store (or didn't have 'cause of the pandemic) so I didn't get a receipt for my purchase, just have the WhatsApp chat arranging it (you can imagine how close is the synth community, lol) in case for warranty.
    I wanted to avoid the hassle of asking for a receipt three months later, but it is mandatory to have it, right?

    Thank you!

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Providing a receipt and the PO serial number is the easiest way to prove your purchase, but if you contact me at support@soniccharge.com we can sort it out with some other kind of proof. 😊

  • A Z

    Hi, i bought a po32-tonic and emailed a request iam looking forward to purchasing Microtonic. Regards

  • Guy Fairchild

    Emailed a discount request with the box with serial number and my photo ID. Thanks!

  • Christian Wünsch

    Is this offer still available? Also I pay my taxes in Spain, is there a way to give the details, so I don´t have to pay the taxes online? Thank you!

  • Fredrik

    Yes, the offer is still available. VAT is added for your country, but if you purchase as a company, you can input your VAT identification number to avoid it.

  • Goran Andric

    I sent an email (3 actually, because I forgot some facts) on May 6th 2023 to support@soniccharge.com, but I got no reply at all...

    If the offer expired, that's ok

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Sorry, we're all working hard on the Synplant 2 development at the moment. Offer is still valid! I have now replied to your email.

  • Jason Chatzilias

    just wanted to say I would love if there more of these po32s for sale for this bundle.



  • Joel Riquelme

    Hello. Just emailed support@soniccharge.com for Microtonic discount for my beautiful PO-32.

    A few days ago I saw the interview that Cuckoo did on his YT channel and I was fascinated by all the history and the effort behind Microtonic and the PO-32. For this, I would like to thank Frederik and Magnus very much.
    I've had my PO-32 for about 3 months and I like it more and more every day. It's amazing how much great and unique music can be made in such a short time and in such a fun way. It is an instrument that may seem simple, but it is complex and versatile.

    I would also like to add that the Patternarium + Microtonic + PO32 combination is totally amazing for me.

    I am a music and software fanatic. As a musician and programmer myself I find your work really inspiring.

    Thank you again Magnus and Federik for all your amazing work.

  • Lukas Wagenhäuser

    When the time has come I’ll also get a po-32. only reason is, that I miss the „ultra-portability hands-on experience“ of it. An iOS Version would be almost as good (despite it has no physical buttons and knobs.

  • Mis Adarek

    Hi there,
    I would like to use the po32 discount - but is there a way to test the transfer-protocol before?
    I'm not sure whether I will be comfortable with the restrictions and the "po32 adaptions"..
    Thanks in advance

  • Arvind Beeharry

    I have also just sent a mail to take up this offer. Have provided Purchase Receipt and Photo of Serial Number should be. Look forward to hearing back from you,


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