Microtonic + PO-32 tonic bundle

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  • Thomas Bouric

    I sent you an email with the serial number of my PO32. Is it still possible to have a 20% discount on the purchase of microtonic software?

  • Andy Friend

    Can anyone please confirm if this offer is still valid?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    It is

  • Andy Friend

    Thank you

  • Fitzghil

    Hi Fredrik, and now? Was thinking about getting the whole bundle actually

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Yeah, the discount on Microtonic is still available. However, it does not make the bundle cheaper since that is already a higher (25%) discount, and they do not stack.

  • I T

    Hello, I also emailed a request and am looking forward to purchasing Microtonic.

  • Text Book

    sent a photo of receipts and serials on packaging and the sexy units too

  • NeverEnoughOscs

    Hi! I've also emailed with a photo of my serial, and the PO-32 receipt. Thanks!

  • Luis Bicho

    Hello, I have Microtonic + PO32, do this discount apply in the buy of PO35??

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