Registering Microtonic before PO-32 ships?

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  • Michael Kalaf

    I purchased the PO 32 - Microtonic bundle and was expecting to get a registration code in the order confirmation email but didn't see one. Can I register Microtonic before I get the box with the registration code? Or do you know if Teenage Engineering emails the registration code when they ship the product? I sent them an email but thought I should ask here as I want to register Microtonic asap :)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    You will receive a redemption code for Microtonic which you can use on our site to claim your license. I am not sure if TE support might be able to help you get the code, up front, before physical delivery.

  • Michael Kalaf

    They said the registration code will be sent with the unit. I would like to register Microtonic now just in case shipping takes more than the 3 weeks I have the Microtonic demo for.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    I do agree, it would have been sweet if the Microtonic license was delivered electronically, up front. We were pushing for that solution, but they have not been able to implement it in their store.

    Sorry, since I do not know which code Teenage Engineering have sent you, I can't help you. At this point, I am not sure even Teenage Engineering know which code was put inside your package, which is quite unfortunate.

  • Michael Kalaf

    No worries, I looked at the tracking and the package is set to arrive sooner than I expected.

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