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  • Flo Rein

    I'bought 2 POs (32 and arcade) last week and now looking forward to use microTonic.
    I installed...started with problem....just had a short look at it...

    the next day....its not working anymore.....I really spent a complete night on trying reinstalling.....reading posts and so on........STILL not working!!!!!

    I really want to buy microtonic, but this is really strange ;-)

    savihost tells me to rename the "exe"....but I did!!!!....its in the same folder.....->"error"

    any ideas?????.......I use windows7 64 this evt. because of the trial version?

    best regards!

  • Fredd€

    No, it's not because of the trial, it should not do that. Sounds like the savihost exe cannot find or open the Microtonic dll for some reason. Did you install both 32 and 64-bit plugins or just one of them?

  • Flo Rein

    I have no idea what could be the issue/reason.
    I swear...I tried anything!...32/64bit....minimum 10 times fresh file download....(the pugins/the single MT-file and an older one.)
    with different hosts...always uninstall->restart....I tried savihost,minihost,live professor, joke! only worked once in a test after the very first installation...i put it in an 'xy'-folder, savihost to the desktop...I renamed and it "worked"....then I turned of my pc, next day just turned on to continue...."broken"
    I had a look at regedit...nothing to see after uninstallation.

    the funny thing is to me:It's technically not possible and bullshit that it is not my eyes...but it's like I wrote. It worked once...and stopped working after restart next day?!
    please help!

  • Flo Rein

    holy COW!!!
    SOLVED!!! ;-)
    It's just my personal bermuda triangle or blamed to my atomic radiation....LOL

    IDK how! ;-)....just repeat repeat repeat....I'll never call someone stupid anymore...hahaha.

    the only change to my earlier trying is: .dll-filename was msvcr100 and msvcp100 and today's download says: filename Microtonic. thats all that differs. :-)

    now ....PLEEEEEASE!!!!
    I need a discount on my order Microtonic from you...because I'm looking forward to use a second PO32. I love your stuff!!!

    happy weekend!!

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